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Editor's Letter: A guide to the months ahead

John Farmer De La Torre

February 7, 2013 | 12:00 a.m. CST

Whether you’re a budding socialite or often prefer quiet moments at home, we’ve all been on the wrong end of this conversation: “Did you catch the show last night?” A sinking feeling sets in; you have no idea what this person is talking about.

A night of mind-numbing work, general laziness or spending hours watching cat videos could have been spent in front of screaming guitars, a perfect painting or a tear-jerking play. Even in the digital age with almost every man, woman and child tethered to the Internet, keeping track of events in Columbia can be an overwhelming task. With almost 100 events covering different playhouses, venues, galleries, track meets, festivals, film screenings and sporting events, this issue’s Spring Preview is a road map to everything interesting.

We bring you the normal CoMo specialties — the blissful chaos of True/False, the music bouncing off The Blue Note’s vaudevillian walls, and let’s not forget sports obsessions commonly associated with any college town — but this preview also explores the hidden gems that are tucked away in Columbia’s lesserknown corners.

As a bitter winter blossoms into warm spring, even more events will be added, events that won’t appear in this issue. Be sure to supplement your extrovert-heavy diet with with our online calendar at, which is continually updated to provide a daily, comprehensive list of all of Columbia’s goings on.

No one likes the sinking feeling and reminiscing about nights that could’ve been. Now, there is no need. With Vox’s Spring Preview close at hand, you’ll always find yourself on the right side of the conversation.

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