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Columbia runners return to 2014 Boston Marathon

After last year’s bombings, the 2014 Boston Marathon is the second largest in the race’s history.

Read This: Cubed

In his new book Cubed, Nikil Saval creates a witty overview to examine the past, present and future of the work environment.

Q&A: Laura McHugh

The writer behind the Missouri-inspired epic, The Weight of Blood.

Artist brings traditional Korean paper art to MU

Jiyoung Chung’s visit is part of MU Fiber Arts Club’s effort to bring knowledge of outside artists into the community. The event is open to those interested in hearing her speak and watching her teach fibers students how to create their own Joomchi.

16 stories of coming out

Sixteen stories from mid-Missouri individuals tell their coming out experiences in their own words. These men and women speak of hurt and shame and struggle, but also of acceptance and truth. Above all, they speak of courage.

Coming Out: Zackariah Nolan, 20

Coming Out: Adam Callahan, 27

Coming Out: Delan Ellington, 19

Coming Out: Elisabeth Sobczak, 46

Coming Out: LeMari Porter, 20

Coming Out: Joanna Eleftheriou, 35

Coming Out: Adriana Saladrigas, 22

Coming Out: Anonymous, 20

Coming Out: Zackary Carpenter, 19

Coming Out: Betsy Reeves, 55

Coming Out: Anonymous, 19

Coming Out: Dave Collins, 62

Coming Out: David Huddlestonsmith, 69

Coming Out: Jess Asher, 26

Coming Out: Kayley Weinberg, 21