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The collectors

A shoe addict. A Tonka-truck tycoon. A digger of dinos. An audio pack rat. A polka-dotted pig fanatic. And a Tolkien fan to rule them all. These collectors find happiness in the little things.

Editor's Letter: Collective souls

"Collecting provides a sense of order in a random world. It’s an identity to grasp onto, a calming sense of stability that represents who we are and where we come from."

Spring fashion to your satisfaction

You can box up your winter woolies: local fashion enthusiasts show you how to do spring fashion.

Vocalist Nikki Hill shows her vintage roots

Funk, jazz and rock 'n' roll all find a place in this roots vocalist's repertoire. Her new album draws on flavors of the '50s, '60s and '70s as she channels Ray Charles and Etta James.

Movie Review: Muppets Most Wanted

(Web Exclusive) Not only is the plot lacking in depth, cleverness and humor, but the jokes are simply bad. The film couldn’t even hold the attention of the children sitting next to me.

Movie review: Gloria

(Web Exclusive) Gloria shows that getting older doesn’t mean losing your sense of adventure.

Movie review: Divergent

(Web Exclusive) Although it didn’t leave me weak at the knees, Divergent was downright entertaining, so much so that much of the audience robustly applauded the movie when it ended.

Bow-tied: MU chancellor speaks up

Meet the man behind the bow tie.

A Conservation With: Gary Link

Four decades after shooting baskets in Brewer Fieldhouse, Gary Link’s broadcasting color commentary from the Mizzou Arena press box to radio stations across Missouri and beyond.

Vox Asks Columbians: What band would you hate to see break up?

Locals share the band that they would hate to see break up.

Columbia's modern take on the classic brim hat

What can you make with a ball, some wool, silk and a pair of pantyhose? Columbia local Ruth Walker makes $300 hand-felted brim hats.

The modern warrior: Columbia man collects ancient Greek armor

As a young boy, Gamal Castile discovered the world of ancient Greece inside the pages of Time-Life books. Then, an impulsive decision to be a Spartan warrior for Halloween in 2009 inspired him to collect ancient Greek armor.

Editor's Letter: The unsung hero

This week Vox tells the story of Gamal Castile, a local man whose fascination with Greek warriors as a child led him to collect authentic armor akin to that of the classical world’s idealized soldiers. As a police officer, he now signifies a new age warrior.

Being funny's no joke

The talented members of the MU Improv troupe are naturally funny, but still have to practice to make a joke out of everything.

Columbia bands try to get stuck in your head

Some of today’s local bands could be tomorrow’s superstars. Whatever level of fame these groups might reach, these latest releases have plenty of potential.

Local musicians set the tunes for films hitting theaters

Some movie tunes exit the theater along with you after the credits roll. Now, two Columbia acts, indie sister trio Dubb Nubb and solo artist Lou Nevins, are trying to achieve earworm status on the soundtracks for upcoming films.

Movie review: Non-Stop

(Web Exclusive) Non-Stop viewers will be switching their guesses of who the true villain is up until the last five minutes. Wait to see this on DVD so you can discuss with friends who you think is holding the plane hostage without angering movie theatre-goers with your whispers.

Movie review: The Wind Rises

(Web Exclusive) Inspired by famous Italian aeronautical designer Caproni, young Jiro determines to explore the sky as an aircraft engineer. The plot lines in Miyazaki's animated film, however, are too fragmental to support a strong, focused storyline.

Movie review: Stranger by the Lake

(Web Exclusive) Franck (Pierre Delandonchamps) is out of work and spending the summer by the lake— a gay cruising spot where men of all ages lay naked on the shore, take dips in the lake and even sneak away into the bushes for some not-so-private intimacy. When Franck bears witness to a swift, moonlit murder, he finds himself in the middle of the investigation, which leads to him as the number one suspect.

Movie review: Need for Speed

(Web Exclusive) This isn’t award-winning material, but it does make for one hell of a fun Friday night.