Q&A: Peter Stiepleman

Peter Stiepleman started out in the insurance game, but once he read a picture book to a classroom in Berkeley, Ca., he traded in his cubicle for night school.


Q&A: Peter Stiepleman

New superintendent of Columbia Public Schools recommends never acting out chaos in a classroom.

Peter Stiepleman started out in the insurance game, but once he read a picture book to a classroom in Berkeley, Ca., he traded in his cubicle for night school.

Q&A: Laura McHugh

The writer behind the Missouri-inspired epic, The Weight of Blood.

A Conversation With: Stefan Boonak and Haneen Mohammed

Getting to know the faces behind the Humans of Mizzou

Vox Asks Columbians: What would be your personal hashtag?

These personal Twitter hashtags could be the next big thing.

A Conversation With: Olivia Schulte

MU women's lacrosse president sets her stick down to answer our questions

Building the reputation of women’s lacrosse in the Midwest is a bit of an uphill battle. Besides being widely perceived as a coastal sport — the majority of Division 1 teams are situated along the Atlantic — there’s the notion that lacrosse is strictly a male sport. Olivia Schulte wants to prove that neither are true.

A Conversation With: Mark Morgan

An MU associate professor offers a creative way to limit invasive carp's damage: eat it.

Vox asks Columbians: What did you collect as a child?

Columbians reminisce about their favorite doodads to collect.

A Conservation With: Gary Link

Radio basketball commentator has seen three arenas and more than 20 years with MU Athletics

Four decades after shooting baskets in Brewer Fieldhouse, Gary Link’s broadcasting color commentary from the Mizzou Arena press box to radio stations across Missouri and beyond.

Vox Asks Columbians: What band would you hate to see break up?

Locals share the band that they would hate to see break up.

A Conversation With: Joe Gilliam and Paige Hornor

Joe Gilliam cha chas to JT’s “SexyBack” and waltzes to the riffs of rock band Theory of a Deadman, but his partnership with Paige Hornor keeps him returning to the dance floor.

Vox Asks Columbians: What's the real meaning of St. Patricks Day?

We ask residents what they think is the meaning behind the celebration.

Vox asks Columbians: What is your favorite movie soundtrack?

Columbians share their favorite movie soundtrack tunes.

A Conversation With: Kelly Gilion

Former stay-at-home mom promotes local artisans through her eclectic shop

A Facebook news feed full of crafts for sale inspired Kelly Gilion to start Plume: a consignment shop for local vendors to sell their products in one central location.

Vox Asks Columbians: If you made a documentary about Columbia, what would it be?

These Columbians share the documentaries they want to make the most about Columbia

Vox Asks Columbians: Whom would you pick to host The Tonight Show and why?

These Columbians share their views on late night's should-be hosts

A Conversation With: C.J. Huff

Joplin superintendent hopes his community inspires his nation

C.J. Huff goes beyond the call of duty in rebuilding a school district after a deadly tornado damages nine schools.

A Conversation With: Betsy Bell

A business magazine empowers women

Publisher creates new business magazine highlighting women.

Vox Asks Columbians: Who is the most famous person you've met, and where did you meet them?

Local residents share their star sightings

Vox asks Columbians: What elementary school game should be turned into an Olympic sport?

Locals share their choices of kids games

A Conversation With: Vladimir McMillin

Sports reporter talks about how the Winter Olympics have progressed since 1980

Vladimir McMillin, who covered the 1980 Summer Olympics, talks about the changes that have occurred in the past 24 years, including drug violations and sports coverage.