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Seniors, graduation is less than a month away (at least for MU)! It's almost time to pop the champagne, tearfully thank your parents and say goodbye to the friends and memories you've made these past few years.

But right now, you have ample time to decorate your graduation cap. In need of ideas? We have three that'll surely get you started on your way to having the best, most stylish cap in a sea of gowns.

1. A quote that's important to you

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Is there a particular quote that has become your mantra? Has it gotten you through those endless papers and tedious exams? Quote caps are easy to do and allow you plenty of creative freedom.

Supplies you might need: Sparkle sticker letters, faux pearl embellishments, a background print-out or piece of fabric, hot glue

2. Your post-grad plans

Did you finally get that awesome job you applied for? Are you going to grad school or professional school? These caps are a fun (and informational) way to show that all your hard work paid off.

Supplies you might need: Stickers letters, stickers that apply to your new job/plans (like these for a nurse grad), plenty of rhinestones

3. Your name

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Want to keep it simple? You can't go wrong with your own name. Not only are there endless ways for personal touches and flares, but it will help your loved ones in the stands find you in the crowd.

Supplies you might need: Large sticker letters, glitter glue, faux flower

You also can't go wrong with...

A Harry Potter reference

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Dumbledore would be proud.

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