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If you are a loyal, old-fashioned lover of longform, I bet you were disappointed to find longform articles disappearing in your favorite magazines day by day, and you have become more and more desperate for some good reads between the length of a normal magazine article and a book.

Well, here are your chances to get back to those wonderful long-form stories in the digital world. Below are five longform journalism sites, which curate and produce cool longform pieces.

The Atavist — "Where stories begin"

The Atavist produces and publishes original longform stories once per month. Users can choose to buy their stories both for a Kindle/Nook version with less media content or buy the iPad/iPhone version with audio recordings and other multimedia. What's even cooler is once you buy your story, you can also convert it into an audio book as your best companion on the road.

Byliner — "Think of us as dim sum for hungry minds"

Byliner is like a treasure chest where lots of riveting stories lay and sometimes may just pop up in your face as a surprise. You can find the best feature stories here from various publications as well as original stories by Byliner writers. Moreover, the editors in Byliner have their recommendations for you every day and arrange their stories by topics, expected reading time and what's trending to give you a better exploring experience.

Stories on Byliner are also available on their iOS app and Kindle.

Epic — "as fun as fiction but full of facts"

"You know that feeling you get when a good true-life tale grabs you right from the start? You can’t stop turning the page — because you realize incredible things happen to real people — and it's hard to believe that what you’re reading is non-fiction. That is the kind of story we like to tell."

Well, that's how Epic's creative founders allure you to their magic world of "fictions" based on true life. They travel around the world to bring you unbelievable true stories.

Longreads — "help people find and share the best storytelling"

Longreads started as a Twitter hashtag and went viral in a short time. Different from other longform sites, it is an open community with both longform readers and publishers  sharing online longform stories. By simply tagging your tweet with #longreads, you share a longform story with the Longreads community. 

The Big Roundtable — "home for writers with true stories"

The Big Roundtable is in fact an online publishing site specifically for long-form non-fictions. They accept, select, edit and publish good longform writing. Its objective is to encourage passionate writers and connect them with their readers.

(Photo on the homepage: Johan Larsson/Flickr) 

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