Audrey Lockwood Stephens College Fashion Show 2

This look is from senior Audrey Lockwood's collection.

There's nothing more inspiring than to watch musing models strut custom lines from thoughtful, empowering and talented designers.

On Saturday in Windsor Auditorium, Stephens College's School of Design held its 74th annual student-led, designed and modeled The Collections fashion Show.

With over 70 designs in 15 collections, styles ranged from children's micro fashion to menswear to creative denim and contemporary athleisure. The Collections had a little something for everyone.

This all-inclusive fashion show was one to behold. It was a difficult decision, but here are five collections Vox selected to feature.


Lenora Brown, the designer of this collection, wanted to take the horrors of police brutality and translate it into her designs. She also hopes to empower women to love and flaunt their curves. 

The World; Through a Clear Lens

Kiara Staples' The World; Through a Clear Lens collection has a whimsical, yet sweetened take on traditional street wear. 

Ghost Town

A recent trip to Colorado filled with turquoise jewelry and abandoned highways and a splash of the '70s inspired Elise Schinsky to design her this collection.

Norma Aurora

Having a transitioning younger brother inspired Miranda Kling to create a custom line of dress to fit no matter the wearer's body. 


Tobie Roberts created this line of bridal gowns for women with different disabilities with delicate beading and stunning silhouettes because she believes everyone deserves to feel beautiful.

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