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We all have our regrets in life. Some of those include loving a game franchise you know will never be completed either because of poor sales or the developers giving up on it. The only good thing in this situation is the fact that the original games live on, even if they’ll never get a proper ending. The most endearing part of these games is the soundtracks, capable of striking you with nostalgia and memories the second you hear them. The soundtracks also stand as relics to the dead games that may become unplayable in time but never unlistenable.

Half-Life 2 - “Vortal Combat”

Cause of Death: Over hyping.

Gordon Freeman and his Vortigaunt allies are ambushed, forcing them to defend themselves while his love interest is being healed. Just as the first Vortigaunt launches a brutal energy-based attack, killing the first wave of enemies, this track kicks in. It’s an exciting rock-based tune that matches your sense of power as you decimate the enemy aliens with your trusty crowbar. The worst part of the song is that it fades away as soon as the last enemy is killed, leaving adrenaline in your veins. Well, that and the memory of the cliffhanger ending that will never be answered.

Banjo-Kazooie - "Mad Monster Mansion (Church Bells)"

Cause of Death: Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

Mad Monster Mansion is one of the favorite levels of Banjo Kazooie; it’s got creepy monsters, magnificent design, fun puzzles and a killer soundtrack. The church bells theme does an amazing job of conveying the scary, uncomfortable atmosphere of the level while still remaining whimsical and entertaining. Composer Grant Kirkhope is a master of music, and his brilliance really shows on this track. Relistening certainly helps build the excitement for Banjo Kazooie's spiritual successor Yooka-Laylee.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 – “The Rebellion’s Victory and Finale”

Cause of Death: Mediocrity

Containing elements from earlier pieces of the soundtrack, this song offers a combination of nostalgia and emotional range. The swells and falls are brutal. It reaches a powerful crescendo about a minute in with powerful brass blaring. Then it descends into the classic Star Wars theme, allowing for a little bit of the celebration that comes with defeating Darth Vader and finding your character’s love interest still alive (dying love interests bring out great music, apparently). Regardless, this final, triumphant track is the perfect closer for the rainy battle and victory on Kamino.

What's your favorite track from a forgotten franchise? Let us know in the comments.

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