Northpole Open for Christmas

A still from Laughlin's 2015 movie, Northpole: Open for Christmas

Much like other duos such as Santa and his elves, cookies and milk and trees and presents, Lori Loughlin and Hallmark were a team that worked together to become a Christmastime staple. 

That was until news broke earlier this year that Loughlin and her husband Mossio Giannulli were among many named in the college admissions scandal, the couple having bribed the University of Southern California $500,000 to admit their daughters Olivia Jade and Isabella Rose Giannulli based on the idea that the two were rowers. Hallmark wasted no time cutting ties with Loughlin. 

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. 

As Christmas near, Loughlin's charges grow and Olivia Jade breaks as much silence as she legally can in her first YouTube video since the scandal, it’s time to formally move on and accept that this is the first Christmas without the disgraced actress. If you were once a fan of Lori’s projects and will miss seeing her face on your screen this season in any setting that doesn’t involve a courtroom, then here are some movies you can watch in the meantime that will fill you with just as much holiday cheer.

If you liked: "Homegrown Christmas"

Loughlin starred as Maddie Finley in Homegrown Christmas. After stepping down as the CEO of her New York-based shoe company, Maddie heads back to her hometown and even runs into her old high school flame.

Then you’ll love: Merry and Bright (Hallmark)

If you're a fan of the genre of Christmas movies where successful women fall in love via the power of Christmas magic, then Merry and Bright is right up your alley. Loughlin's former Full House and Fuller House costar Jodie Sweetin stars as Cate Merriwether, whose mom keeps setting her up for dates. The week before Christmas, Cate meets Gabe, who she assumes is another date, but is actually a recovery consultant for her candy cane company. Did we mention he's single?

If you liked: "Northpole: Open for Christmas"

Loughlin's character Makenzie Warren is a successful business woman who inherits her aunt's inn to renovate and sell it. However a team of elves are determined to help Mackenzie see the true value of the inn and the meaning of Christmas.

Then you’ll love: Santa Girl (Netflix)

Tis the season to learn valuable lessons wisk away into the North Pole Cinematic Universe in Santa Girl, a Netflix film in which Santa's daughter leaves the North Pole to attend college for a semster to live in the real world before returning to marry the son of Jack Frost and take over the family business.

If you liked: "Every Christmas Has a Story"

In Every Christmas Has a Story, Loughlin stars as TV personality Kate Haper, who accidentally lets it slip on air that she hates Christmas. As she does some damage control, she starts to understand what the Christmas spirit is all about. 

Then you’ll love: Holiday Rush (Netflix)

To install the Christmas spirit into someone who may have lost it or never had it to begin with, watch Holiday Rush. In this movie, single dad and radio DJ Rashon "Rush" Williams loses his job just as his four spoiled children give him their pricey Christmas lists. As Rush tries to save his career, he also gets closer to his children to learn that true holiday joy doesn't depend on what you can buy.

If you liked: "The Greatest Christmas Blessing"

The Greatest Christmas Blessing is a special episdoe of When Calls the Heart, the Hallmark series Loughlin starred on until this year. When the network made their decison, Loughlin's scenes were promptly edited out and the show wrote off her character. In this movie, a group of orphans become stranded in the town of Hope Valley for Christmas, leading to the investigation of their arrival. 

Then you’ll love: Christmas On My Mind (Hallmark, December 21)

If a holiday-themed mystery is more what you're looking for, try out Christmas on My Mind. With a bump on her head and a wedding dress in hand, Lucy Lovett believes she is late to her own wedding to her ex-boyfriend, however she has no recollection of the past two years and to top it all off, she's engaged to another man.  

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