Shryocks Corn Maze

Shryock's Corn Maze has a different theme every year. This year's theme celebrates Missouri's bicentennial and Grandma Shryock's 100th birthday.

With Halloween quickly approaching, there’s no better time for a horror movie binge session. But for horror movie aficionados, a simple viewing might not offer the thrill it once did. Vox has put together a 4-D Columbia experience, pairing some horror classics with spooky spots in town for those who want to take the fear factor to the next level.

Children of the Corn: Shryock’s Corn Maze

Shryock’s Corn Maze is open until 9 p.m., offering the perfect location for a nighttime adventure. This year’s corn maze design celebrates the Missouri bicentennial and Verna Shryock’s 100th birthday.

“We did her theme 10 years ago when she turned 90 and you know, we had a big celebration then, and here we are 10 years later and the corn maze is still going and she’s still doing great,” Dustin Shryock says in a video.

After watching Children of the Corn, the seemingly harmless excursion will have a whole new scary context. You never know what could be hiding among the tall stalks.

The Shining: The Tiger Hotel

Tiger Hotel

The Tiger Hotel, one of Columbia's well-known landmarks, first opened in 1928.

After a viewing of The Shining, you might want to steer clear of hotels entirely. But for the brave souls who want to continue the scares after the credits roll, visit The Tiger Hotel – Columbia’s haunted hotel.

According to Legends of America, The Tiger Hotel has had rumors of hauntings since it opened in 1928. It originally served as affordable housing for transient workers during the Great Depression and continues to operate as a hotel today. Grab a drink at The Vault located in the basement of The Tiger Hotel, and you might encounter some spirits while sipping your spirits.

The Blair Witch Project: Haunted River Float at Ruby’s Landing River Resort

Camping is normally a welcome escape from the craziness of everyday life, but The Blair Witch Project might have you swearing off the woods forever. Rather than avoiding the woods, some may want to commit to their horror movie adventure at the Haunted River Float at Ruby’s Landing River Resort in Waynesville, Missouri. In addition to the haunted float, there is also a campus, a haunted forest, a haunted house, zombie paintball, axe throwing and an escape room.

“On a scale of one to 10, I would probably give it an eight or nine,” manager Kelley Magee says about the scare level of the event.

Night of the Living Dead: Jewell Cemetery State Historical Site

Jewell Cemetery

The Jewell Cemetery along Providence Road closes after sunset and is considered one of the most haunted places in Columbia.

Cemeteries often have an eerie energy, but after watching cult classic Night of the Living Dead, the Jewell Cemetery State Historical Site will be even spookier. Watch out for zombies while you browse the graves of local legends like Charles Hardin, the 22nd governor of Missouri, or William Jewell, founder of William Jewell College. Zombies won’t be your only concern here: according to a blog post by Daniel Boone Regional Library, the second wife of George Jewell, Cynthia E. Jewell, is rumored to haunt the cemetery.

While these places aren’t for the faint of heart, they are sure to get you in the Halloween spirit and in touch with Columbia’s sinister side.

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