Pokey LaFarge

Americana artist Pokey LaFarge has gained praise nationwide for his 1920s and '30s style sound.

Pokey LaFarge might be a rolling stone, but he always finds his way back home. After a career of touring around the globe, he’ll be back at The Blue Note on Nov. 3 to play for his home-state fans.

The majority of the Illinois-born, Missouri-raised singer’s work serves as a love letter to the Midwest. In the song “Central Time,” from his 2012 eponymous album, he even boasts that he’s “just a plain ole Midwestern boy.”

LaFarge has been touring almost as long as he’s had the nickname “Pokey,” a moniker bestowed by his mother. After finishing high school in 2001, he hit the road, hitchhiking across the U.S. and busking to make a living. During these years, his sound evolved from playful street music into a classic vibe unparalleled by other artists today.

LaFarge has released six albums, the latest album, Manic Revelations, in 2017. His music transcends decades; although he has the old-school croon of a 1950s heartthrob, the tracks themselves more closely resemble tunes from the ’20s and ’30s. You won’t have much luck nailing down his genre either; LaFarge plays Western swing, jazz, rock and a lot of blues. His aesthetic matches his music, too. He often sports high-waisted pants, suspenders and a tilted fedora.

LaFarge will make you feel like you just stepped out of a time machine. Expect old-timey harmonica and songs that make you want to sway. 

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