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Take this quiz to find out what board game matches your personality. 

This holiday season is going to look a bit different due to the pandemic. Staying at home with your family, friends, roommates or even by yourself can become boring without proper entertainment. Plus, there's only so many hours a day you should be spending on your digital devices.

But thankfully, board games can provide you with loads of fun while staying socially distant indoors.

Choosing a board game can be overwhelming. Thankfully, Valhalla's Gate Games, located in Columbia, has a wide variety of board games for you to choose from. 

Mark and Kate Burton have been the owners of the store for over 20 years and specialize in selling all sorts of games — but more specifically board games. 

"Yeah, we play a lot of different games," Mark Burton says. "It's not too surprising given our profession. People have been playing various forms of board games for thousands of years, so they probably won't ever go away."

With the holidays coming up, a board game could be the perfect gift or an activity to break out with family or friends.

"I think the reason that board games do really well, especially with families, but even in friend groups, it is an opportunity to get together, to see each other and to do something either cooperatively or just fun that you're existing together building fun bonds," Kate Burton says.

Vox has created a quiz that will help you find the perfect board game that matches your personality so you can stay un-bored this holiday season. Take the quiz below and let us know what game you got! 

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