winter sunglasses

The perfect accessory for any season, sunglasses top the the winter essentials list.

Winter means it’s time to don the puffy coats and embark on chilly adventures. You shiver, squint and see your breath in the air when you walk outside. To save your eyes, don’t put away the sunglasses just yet. Between snowy glares and temperature drops, you’ll need the shield. For some chic and savvy tips, local fashion gurus share their suggestions for shades to rock during any winter outing.

Hit the slopes

For the avid skier, a strong and sturdy pair of glasses is important. Marina Volynets, manager at Sunglass Hut, suggests a sport-specific pair of Oakleys because you can choose from options such as single-lens frames and shatterproof lenses. If you want to look stylish while schussing the mountain, Jennifer Pestle, manager at Cha Boutique, recommends an oversized aviator from Wildfox to protect your face. “When you’re in puffy snow gear, you can look cute,” she says. “They cover up a lot of your face; they’re super fitted; they’re oversized and fun.”

Oakley CROSSRANGE PRIZM Snow, $183; Wildfox Airfox, $99

Hide that glare

As snow season in the Midwest ramps up, the glare of the sun reflecting off the snow becomes a looming problem. Both Pestle and Volynets recommend a pair of glasses with UV protection and a polarized lens such as Maui Jim. “They’re dad glasses but such good quality,” Volynets says.

Maui Jim Sugar Beach, $169; Ray-Ban Aviator Flash Lenses, $178

Avoid a foggy dilemma

We all know the struggle of not being able to see when the lenses of our glasses fog up while moving from outside to inside. To combat the problem, Volynets recommends Oakley and Maui Jim sunglasses. “The lenses will have a hydrophobic coat, so they don’t fog up,” she says. Oakley also sells an anti-fog marker so you can apply the hydrophobic coat on any pair of sunglasses.

Oakley Nanoclear Hydrophobic lens cleaner kit, $20; TYR Anti-fog spray, $4.99

Give back

If you like supporting brands with a charitable mission, Pestle says DIFF Eyewear promotes a good cause. The brand donates a pair of reading glasses to someone in need every time a pair of sunglasses is purchased, and the company is endorsed by celebrities and influencers such as Jesse James Decker and Khloé Kardashian. “This brand got big from being on Instagram,” Pestle says.

DIFF Eyewear Khloé Kardashian koko + pale gold mirror lens, $85; Warby Parker Laurel, $95 

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