Seven of the best cat videos of all time

Photo by TeamK/Pixabay

Good news, people of Columbia: It's National Cat Day, and that means you have our full permission to drop whatever it is you're doing and spend the next 10 minutes — wait for it — watching cat videos.

Cat videos are funny and adorable, sure, but word on the street is that taking a break to watch them could also improve your mental health. So, what more reason do you need?

1. This cat loves boxes.

This is Maru. Maru will find a way to fit in any box, regardless of its size. (Pro tip: fast-forward to 2:10.)

2. This cat is an expert burglar.

Seriously — you won't believe how many of the neighbors' things Dusty takes home with him.

3. This cat is ticklish.

OMG. Could it get any cuter than this?

4. These cats have a lot of feelings.

Life is hard when "the authorities" will only pet you with one hand.

5. This cat knows how to jam.

'Nuff said.

6. This cat is good with kids.

Just call him the baby whisperer.

7. These cats are logical.

Why sleep in the expensive cat bed when there's a perfectly comfortable pizza box sitting right next to it?

Do you have a favorite cat video that didn't make our list? Share it with us on Twitter at @VoxMag!

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