Each type of crystal holds different healing properties and can be used in tandem. 

Are you reading your horoscope more often these days? Willing to try something, anything, to find answers amid the pandemic? Dive into the world of spiritual pursuits with Vox, and consider this a beginner’s guide to metaphysical services in Columbia.

Semiprecious stone powers

lapis close up

Lapis is said to boost the immune system, alleviate insomnia and soothe inflammation. 

Linda Bonebrake, owner of the metaphysical shop Karma Care, says crystals hold unique spiritual or supernatural powers. Holding crystals in your hand or displaying them in your house absorbs toxic energy, according to this practice, which Bonebrake is drawn to because she had a string of bad experiences with traditional medicine. “I ended up switching over to alternative things where I’m using crystal energy,” she says.

She says she believes the stones have various healing powers. Separate stones can be used in tandem, and Bonebrake says choosing the right size or polish depends on personal preference.

Healer’s tip: If you’re looking for a protective remedy that will absorb negative energy from your home, then a large chunk of raw black tourmaline is your best bet. But you shouldn’t carry this jagged and fragile crystal outside the home, Bonebrake says. Instead, choose a smaller and more polished stone.

Perusing a palm


Keith begins each reading by having clients hold their hands up and wiggle their fingers so that she can see the distinct movement of their hands. 

Clarise-Elise Keith began practicing palmistry more than 15 years ago. Although there are many methods palm readers use to interpret the lines on one’s hand, Keith’s process looks at deeper meanings and motivations.

Keith says she does readings with her clients in person because it is important to physically see every line on a person’s hand and observe how the lines move. She looks at three main lines on a person’s dominant hand: the heartline, headline and lifeline. The shape, length, depth and color all act as a sort of map to one’s lifetime: past, present and future. Keith says all these features can change.

Healer’s tip: Palm readings can give you an overview of your life, Keith says. If you visit, she’ll use the process to analyze how your past experiences or traumas have affected the ways you communicate, love and handle certain situations. “Palm reading is excellent for looking at somebody’s entire life path,” she says. “How their childhood affected the way their mind works and how that plays out in the sort of map of their hand is quite fascinating.”

Tarot: not just a card game

Rexanna Ipock-Brown interprets tarot cards to help guide visitors on their life’s journey. Readings can also answer questions concerning others, such as how you interact or events you’ve encountered in past lives.

tarot setup

Ipock-Brown suggests clients get a reading whenever they need. Some get them done frequently during difficult times whereas others use them as a checkup. 

Ipock-Brown begins her readings by connecting with the client, putting herself in a trance-like state and inviting her guides to join. Clients sit before her (now via Zoom) and think about life questions as she draws 20 cards. She interprets each card, gives as much explanation as the client needs and receives their input. After explaining almost every card in the deck, the last three act as a reading summary, highlighting key points and takeaways. She then uses the cards to answer specific questions.

Healer’s tip: “The more focused you are with your questions, the clearer your response is going to be,” Ipock-Brown says. “Tarot is much more flexible (than palmistry). It can tell you a lot more than just about you.” 

*CORRECTION: Clarise-Elise Keith can be contacted via email at A previous version of this article misstated her email.

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