Roots N Blues 2021 fashion

Denim overalls, colorful printed shirts with khaki shorts and flowy skirts and maxi dresses—this was some of the garb that characterized this year’s Roots N Blues Festival. Most attendees were dressed for comfort in shorts and t-shirts to enjoy the light breeze that swayed through Stephens Lake Park on Sept. 26, the third and final day of the live music festival. Most concert attendees wore hats and sunglasses for shade and style. Some sported more fashionable outfits, drawing inspiration from social media trends and assembling their looks from local boutiques. 

Sequins in the spotlight 

Lily B Moonflower was spotted Sept. 26, shimmering her way from one stage to the other. Moonflower, who performed her debut album at the festival, says she uses her music and attire to spark the zeal in her audiences. “I try to express myself artistically with what I wear, because people reciprocate the energy,” she says. 

Ethnic attire 

Lori Butler is a creative consultant at Grandview-based fashion consulting business, Drake Anthony. Inspired by African prints, the bright red and yellow hues on her dress achieve two purposes. The colors represent ethnic wear and her colorful personality. “It spoke to me when I saw it, plus it was Chief’s colors, so it was a double thing,” she says. 

For the fest, from the fest 

Twenty six-year-old Molly Hostetler wore a bright orange-colored skirt, which she bought from the Kansas City Renaissance Festival. She paired it with black-bordered sandals, a black hat and shades. Hostetler is due for her first baby in January and dressed not only to impress, but also to feel fresh in the hot weather. “I’m especially hot these days,” she says. 

A blue shirt for a blues man 

Louis Fiquet is a chiropractor who lives in Bevier, Missouri. He’s been coming to the Roots N Blues festival since year one. His shirt is a mosaic of vibrant patches and was made in Nepal. “I have three others at home,” he says. Fiquet has been playing the harmonica since 1971 and considers himself a Blues man.


Twenty three-year-old Bethany DuCharme is taking a year off from being a teacher in Columbia, but the hiatus hasn’t caused her to stop dressing up. She derives fashion inspiration from Instagram, and her hair was inspired by TikTok, she says. 

Gypsy and cowgirl look 

Amy Huber (right) wore a sandy colored dress, boots and white hat. She bought her dress from Forever 21, but the rest of her look is from Giddyup Jane, a western style apparel store in St. Louis. Katy Callaway (left) got her entire look—striped bell-bottom pants, a black camisole and a black hat—from Marble Gypsy, a western boho boutique in Branson, Missouri, that is inspired by rural America. 

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