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The band will be performing on September 28 at Roots N Blues.

From an eight-year hiatus to creating their own record label and self-produced album, country band The Mavericks have a lot to celebrate as this year marks their 30th anniversary. The band has been celebrating with a grand world tour that lasts from July to November, with one of the stops being in Columbia during Roots N Blues. Guitarist Eddie Perez shares what the band and its longevity mean to him along with how the band continues to find success in an ever-changing music industry.

What’s it like to be celebrating 30 years of the band?

A lot of fun, quite honestly. It's caused us to take a look back at all the things we've been through. You just kind of keep moving from one to the next from one record to the next. You don't really have much perspective on some of the accomplishments and also, we seem to remember most of the things that didn't work. And I must say, I feel like there’s something cleansing about that. So, your energy has to be really centered. And it seems to me that this whole celebration that we've been having for ourselves is this, you're on tour right now with the band and we've got so many new projects in the works right now; it just seems very prolific time for us.

How has your music evolved?

Eddie Perez

Guitarist Eddie Perez has been a part of the band since 2003. Perez says that the 30th anniversary for the band has been a prolific time for them.

I think we’ve allowed ourselves the freedom to create the kind of music that moves us not the music that is going to be expected by the industry. We’re just trying to make honest music that inspires us because it is a lot of work and it takes a lot of work; you gotta really love what you’re doing. And to really love what you’re doing it has to ring dead true to who you are as a person. After 30 years it’s a remarkable thing to say that luckily we’re all still in that headspace. There’s still a lot of fire in our creative souls.

What are you most looking forward to this year at Roots N Blues?

Just all the cool people that come to see us. I gotta say we always get a great crowd that stays there — there’s been a couple of songs even when there is not such great weather but people are still there They’re just as excited to see us as we are them and that’s the magic of it all. And then there’s the people that give us food and sweets and all kinds of stuff. We always have a great time.

What would you say the band’s key to success is?

The key to success of any business is trusting in the partnerships and the people you have enlisted to help push you over that mountain. To make a successful, thriving business it requires a lot of other energies. I think over the course of all these years we learned how to trust in ourselves and each other because that was lacking too. The music business is just that way, in general, it's hard to get all the stars to line up, so that you can have that. A lot of the times, you know, it's a challenge, because it is a rough business, and you get bogged down and negativity and you can become very jaded, very quickly, but somehow we found a way to come out of it, realizing that it's time for us to learn from the past. We’ve got a really great time of people now and we trust a lot in them to carry out their jobs and we give them room and space to prosper.

What do you love the most about the band?

The spirit that it takes to be in it. At the end of the day, as different as we all are, we're all signed on for the same purpose, and that we all find the reward that we're going after, and it starts and stops with the music. I think I'm most proud of the fact that after all these years, that we together as individuals have gotten closer as friends, we seem to have cut a lot of the negative stuff and held us down in the past, you know, and I think that comes through maturity. But more importantly, the biggest thing of all, most proud of is that we were all just faithful enough that we decided to give us another go, and I gotta say, now, from the hiatus I'm talking about has been a big, adventurous experience, that's been more so than I could have anticipated when we decided to get back together again, it really is, it's turned out to be something so much more than what I could have thought.

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