Sober tent decoration

The Sober Party Tent is just one more spot that showcases the unique artwork of Roots N Blues.

There’s a place at Roots N Blues that has a killer view of the Great Southern Bank Stage, free sips and a glorious shaded seating area. It’s the Sober Party Tent.

In tune with the “sober curious” movement, which is a trendy no-alcohol option for partiers, the tent is back again this year. Walk up to the tent, and you’ll be greeted by yellow balloons — a universal symbol of sobriety.

For festival-goers who plan on staying away from alcohol over the weekend, this is a sweet spot to spend it in. Located across from vendor row, it’s a sober haven that is free from the temptation of alcohol and the craziness that drinkers can cause. It’s decked out with funky décor and string lights that illuminate the tent at night.

The tent is open all weekend and is open to anyone and everyone who wants to drop by. Take a peek inside the Sober Party Tent at Roots N Blues.

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