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The on-screen fun is already taking place ahead of Sunday's game.

The Super Bowl might not be until Sunday, but you can still get a head start on seeing a little bit of action by watching a few of the clever commercials that will be shown. In true Super Bowl fashion, notable brands teamed up with some of the biggest celebrities this year to make you laugh during the commercial breaks. So grab your wings, chips and dip, and let the games begin.

Cardi B replaces Alexa

Panic strikes Amazon when Alexa loses her voice — thanks a lot, flu season. Amazon's founder and CEO Jeff Bezos has no choice and must call in celebrity reinforcements. The stars couldn't be more of their true selves: Gordon Ramsay angrily shouts and hurls insults, Rebel Wilson comically seduces, Anthony Hopkins eerily scares and Cardi B shines. The rapper infiltrates a country music playlist with a rapping of "Bodak Yellow." Okurrr. But then Alexa gets her voice back. Sigh. 

Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman rap battle

Just when we thought Morgan Freeman couldn't get any more heavenly, he ascends to icy greatness, rapping Missy Elliot's "Get Your Freak On." And Peter Dinklage pays homage to his Game of Thrones character with a fiery rapping of Busta Rhymes. It's the battle of the snacks to promote Mountain Dew Ice and Doritos Blaze chips.

Peyton Manning takes on Universal Studios Orlando

If Peyton Manning were to be drafted as a Universal Studios Orlando tour guide, he'd probably be picked last. Manning proves that sometimes, you can be uncoachable in this funny advertisement for the amusement park. If you plan on visiting any time soon, learn from Manning's mistakes, and brush up on your Harry Potter spells, know who Megatron is, and try not to have your churro intercepted.

Tiffany Haddish supports local businesses 

In Groupon's first Super Bowl ad since 2011, Tiffany Haddish is here to remind you to save with the app, shop local and support local businesses. Those who don't might be subject to a football kicked in their stomach. Don't be that person. 

Chris Pratt trains for the role of a lifetime 

Chris Pratt is back at it, training for his next big gig: Michelob Ultra's next spokesperson. After an insane workout regime, he is upstaged by a gas station employee-of-the-month clerk. The company then brings his ego back down to Earth when he realizes his role isn't as major as he originally thought.

Bill Hader wows his way through lunch 

Bill Hader can have anything he wants for lunch, but he "wows" as he admires the versatility of Pringles when an on-set coworker stacks his chips for the ultimate snack-time flavor combination. If you're looking to do the same, be sure to add the jalapeño flavor for a spicy kick. Now keep on wowing, and don't pay Kevin any attention. Nobody asked him for his input. 

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