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Your quest to find the best binge-worthy show starts here.

"Are you still watching?" 

Why yes, Netflix, yes I am. 

We all have those lazy days, when you find yourself flipping to the next episode of a new show as soon as the former ended. You become one with the couch, devouring snacks and binge-watching the hours away. But no matter how satisfying vegging out is, the day can't start until you actually pick out something to watch. 

In the past few years, Netflix has stepped up their streaming game by unleashing countless new, original titles. With subscriber money, Netflix has become its own Hollywood Studios and has created booming successes in the process. While you might have already obsessed over Stranger Things or Orange is the New Black, there's tons of titles that are less common but just as entertaining. So whether you're bored over the holidays, looking for something to watch while snuggling with a significant other or just wanting to try something new, our list of Netflix originals has your next few streaming sessions covered.

If you want something dark and twisty

The End of the F***ing World appears quirky and lighthearted, but the murderous undertones make this comedy-drama dark. The British show follows two teenagers that appear to have an intimate connection, but when embarking on a road trip, one decides he's a psychopath and he must kill the other. It's deranged, it's weird, but it's oddly addicting as you feel yourself becoming immersed in their story. 

If you're into standalone episodes

For a few hours of television that will make you question absolutely everything about the modern world, Black Mirror is your move. Through satirical commentary of modern society, each episode examines the consequences of technology. Episodes aren't chronological, rather, each has their own individual plot with elements of science fiction and alternative living. The tone varies, but many are dark cautionary tales about the eventual takeover of the internet and social media.

If you're a history buff

With a huge budget (over £100 million), The Crown is as realistic as it is enticing. Following Queen Elizabeth II's life — every detail from her personal relationships, to her role in the monarchy, to national issues — the series tries to tell the tale as accurately as possible. Intertwining the personal lives of the queen's closest companions, the show is said to be so realistic, even her majesty is entranced. 

If you're a total foodie

If you thought that dinner you just slaved over was a beautiful display of flavors, think again. Chef's Table is a documentary series following the most famous chefs from across the world that gives a behind-the-scenes look at their culinary inspirations. Your taste buds will literally be watering at the HD shots of exquisite creations that you just can't make at home. 

If you just need something lighthearted and fun

An oldie, but a goodie. With impressive ratings and a whopping four seasons, Grace and Frankie will make you want to hug your best friend. After their husbands fall madly in love with each other, two lifelong rivals are forced to rely on one another through the most difficult times of their lives. With everything from hilarious senior citizen quips to a budding vibrator business, Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin are absolute knockouts. 

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