Randy from Randy's Cheeseburger Picnic and Trailer Park Boys

Randy (Patrick Roach) promises a "picnic-y" atmosphere at The Blue Note complete with games, songs, prizes, jokes and skits. 

On Saturday, Oct. 13, The Blue Note won’t be staging a concert, a dance party nor a choreographed pole show. Instead, they will host a cheeseburger picnic. But this won’t be just any cheeseburger picnic; this will be a cheeseburger picnic hosted by one of the most well-known cheeseburger connoisseurs in entertainment today: Randy from the hit series Trailer Park Boys, streaming on Netflix.

Randy, portrayed by Patrick Roach, has been part of the international hit since its genesis in 2001. He hopes to bring some Sunnyvale sunshine on Randy’s Cheeseburger Picnic tour, which has set up shop all across the U.S. this fall. During the “picnic,” patrons can expect games, prizes, songs, skits, jokes and a chance to interact with their favorite assistant trailer park supervisor. If they’re lucky, fans might get a chance to help Randy by serving as assistant trailer park supervisors for a particular duty. “It’s sort of like ‘Randy’s Little Variety Show,’” Roach says.

The foul-mouthed Canadian-comedy-turned-worldwide-sensation Trailer Park Boys is based around the misadventures of Ricky LaFleur (Robb Wells), Julian (John Paul Tremblay) and Bubbles (Mike Smith) at the Sunnyvale Trailer Park near Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Often, the trio conflicts with the trailer park's assistant supervisor, Randy, and Sunnyvale’s trailer park supervisor, Jim Lahey (John Dunsworth). The trio usually finds itself in the middle of some get-rich-quick scheme when Lahey and Randy sniff out the plot and put a stop to the protagonists' plan in the name of promoting order in Sunnyvale.

Originally debuting on the Canadian television station Showcase in 2001, the show ended in 2007 before being revived by Wells, Tremblay and Smith in partnership with Netflix in 2014.

Randy will be making his first appearance in Columbia since February 2016 when he appeared in a two-man variety show with Lahey at The Blue Note. Dunsworth, who portrayed Lahey in the series, passed away in October 2017. Roach says he thinks about his friend and co-star every day and believes Dunsworth would be proud of him for getting back out on the road and performing for fans. “We miss Mr. Lahey," Roach says. "Everyone does. He’d be saying, 'Get your butt going, mister. You'll sleep when you're dead. Get the work done, be happy, see your family, work hard, play hard and have a good life.'"

Randy will be spreading his love of cheeseburgers throughout the U.S. for the remainder of the fall. During the holiday season, he will team up with fellow co-stars Ricky, Julian and Bubbles for a Christmas-themed comedy show. After that, more cheeseburger picnics are scheduled for 2019. “I might be coming back weighing an extra 20 pounds,” Roach says. 

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