Eleven from 'Stranger Things'

Impatiently waiting for 'Stranger Things' to come back? Get hooked on one of these other shows in the meantime.

Editor's note: This article contains spoilers for season one of 'Stranger Things.'

When season one of Stranger Things was released on Netflix, I could not have been more uninterested in the sci-fi thriller. And even as buzz surrounding the highly-anticipated second season picked up, I remained firm on my stance. My friends’ incessant chatter on the show’s new episodes and the endless stream of Joe Kreery memes circulating the web couldn’t break me. Until they did.

In a moment of weakness — and in the face of procrastination  I decided to try watching one episode. But soon, the Netflix vortex sucked me in as quickly as the Upside Down took Will. I drank the Kool-Aid, and it was delicious. One episode quickly turned into a three-day binge-athon, and before I knew it, I was finished with the first two seasons. With online rumors estimating a season three premiere for fall 2018, it’s looking like a year-long wait for more from the Hawkins, Indiana gang. So, how are you (and I) supposed to fill the Stranger Things-shaped hole in our hearts?

Here are five shows to watch as we wait, impatiently, for the return of Stranger Things:

Wayward Pines

Secret Service agent Ethan Burke (Matt Dillon) arrives in the seemingly idyllic small town of Wayward Pines, Idaho, to investigate the disappearance of two federal agents. But after waking into the hospital following a car accident, Burke is unable to leave or communicate with the outside world. Trapped in Wayward Pines by the bordering electric fence and watchful eye of local sheriff Arnold Pope (Terrence Howard), Agent Burke must uncover the truth if he wishes to ever escape. Hopefully, his fate doesn’t mirror that of Barb’s!

Where to watch: Hulu, iTunes, Amazon, YouTube and Google Play.


Set at the futuristic Wild West amusement park Westworld, wealthy visitors arrive for consequence-free fun. Run by robot hosts, the park allows guests to live out their wildest fantasies without fear of ramifications. But when the androids develop artificial consciousness, there are unavoidable consequences.

Where to watch: HBO Go, iTunes, Amazon, YouTube and Google Play.


The series follows research scientist Dr. Walter Bishop (John Noble), his son Peter (Joshua Jackson) and FBI agent Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) in their unusual line of work. As part of the Fringe Division, the group investigates circumstances related to a strange and secretive parallel universe. It can’t be the Upside-Down, right?

Where to watch: Amazon, iTunes, YouTube and Google Play.

The OA

Fellow Netflix hit The OA centers on the return of Prairie Johnson (Brit Marling) after a seven-year disappearance. Formerly blind, Johnson arrives with mysterious scars on her back and a newfound ability to see. Refusing to speak with her parents or the FBI, she bands together with five local strangers with whom she shares her story, and invites them on a meaningful mission to another dimension.

Where to watch: Netflix.


United through a psychic connection, eight strangers from across the world discover they are emotionally and mentally linked as sensates. With the threat of a dangerous organization on the hunt to kill them, the group is forced together to use their gifts for survival. I’m just wondering whether they have Eleven-caliber telekinesis.

Where to watch: Netflix.

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