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To truly get on-brand with your style at this year's festival, hit up one of the True/False merchandise tables. 

The True/False Film Festival officially kicks off tomorrow. The festival, famous as a launchpad for genre-bending documentaries and provocative art — isn’t, however, all about documentaries and art. A cornerstone of the fest, one that rarely gets enough attention, is True/False fashion, from the on-trend to the outright bizarre. 

In previous years, attendees took to the streets of downtown to showcase their personal style. 2018 was all about double denim, scarves, fur coats and even slip dresses, and 2017 was the year of sleek sunglasses and ripped jeans.

With this weekend’s weather forecasts anywhere from a high of 42 degrees on Friday to a low of 5 degrees on Sunday (and a chance of snow!), practicality might take precedence over style for the 2019 festival. Vox spoke with Sabrina Garcia-Rubio, owner of Maude Vintage Clothing and Costumes, on how to stay comfortable throughout the weekend. Consider this your ultimate True/False shopping guide. 

Tip 1: Layer up

With the weekend's range of temperatures, wearing multiple light layers is a smart idea. “Thursday, for instance, that weather would probably be good for layers: t-shirt, flannel, poncho, lighter weight things,” Garcia-Rubio says. This trick will be especially useful for traveling in between films, concerts or events. As you move indoors to outdoors and vice versa, wearing multiple layers will ensure you’re ready for quickly shifting temperatures.

Tip 2: Pull on a puffer 

As the weekend gets colder, a warm coat will be essential. Garcia-Rubio recommends a puffer-style coat or vest because these staples are warm, lightweight and compact, allowing you to easily stuff them away once you get inside. If you're chilly in the theaters, puffers also double as a decent blanket.

Tip 3: Choose warm shoes

Unless the True/False team decides to build last-minute underground tunnels between each venue — which, we can only dream, right? — you'll have to walk outside this weekend. A lot. So it’s in your best interest to leave your high heels and slip-ons at home. For Garcia-Rubio, her pair of vintage Ariat combat boots are a safe and stylish choice for the weekend. “Mine are kind of beat up, but they're rubber-bottomed, so I can walk all day on them and the leather is pretty warm, too,” she says. Find a similar pair of sturdy, comfy boots, or bust out your favorite old-school sneakers. 

Tip 4: Stylize with streetwear

In Garcia-Rubio's opinion, True/False looks a lot like any other film festival, in terms of attendees’ style choices. Elevated streetwear — think colorful sneakers, striped sweatshirts and oversized jackets — give film-goers both a sense of style and comfort. Pair faux leather leggings with a bright-colored hoodie, or dust off a bomber jacket to wear with distressed jeans.  

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