How COVID has changed skincare

A common skin issue in the winter time is dry skin. To alleviate that, you can switch to a moisturizer that is higher in moisture content, says Marcie Olivas, owner of Regeneration Salon & Spa + Wellness.

As winter approaches, so does dry and flaky skin. Not only are we dealing with winter skin problems this year, but we’re also dealing with wearing masks. Vox talked with local estheticians about what tips they recommend to protect your skin this winter.

Change your mask

During the pandemic, a new term, maskne, has been coined to describe breakouts caused by wearing masks. Masks can breed bacteria, which is why it’s important to change your mask and wash it daily, says Marcie Olivas, the owner of Regeneration Salon & Spa + Wellness

When it comes to washing your mask, you should also use fragrance-free detergent or fabric softener, says Alex Johnston, the senior esthetician at Riversong Spa and Salon. The fragrance in your products could cause additional breakouts. Along with washing your masks, Johnston also recommends washing your face morning and night or as soon as you take off your mask.

Be careful what products you’re using

When deciding what products to use for your skin, it’s important to note that everyone has a different skin type, which affects how you should go about choosing your skincare products.

“You’re just using products that are going to keep you comfortable and keep you pH-balanced,” Johnston says. She also recommends continuing to wear an SPF because, even with a mask, our skin is still exposed to UV rays. When considering different products, it’s also important to keep an eye out for ones with comedogenic ingredients, which can block the pores of the skin, Olivas says. Some products with comedogenic ingredients include shea butter and coconut oil.

Hydrate internally and externally

For some, winter means dry and flaky skin. During the winter season, it’s time to transition to a moisturizer that’s heavier in moisture content, Olivas says.

“You have to switch up your skincare products during the seasons,” Amanda Arce, an esthetician at Regeneration Salon & Spa + Wellness says. If you experience dry and flaky skin in the winter time, there are a few products Arce recommends: a good exfoliator, a hydrating serum and a hydrating mask.

Pay attention to other factors

Seasonal changes aren’t the only thing that could be impacting your skin this time of year. Things like excessive sugars, dairy or gluten sensitivity and hormones can all impact someone’s skin. You can only do so much on the surface, which is why it’s important to take care of yourself internally as well, Olivas says.

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