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Season’s greetings from a three-weeks-from-getting-her-degree graduate student! As part of my grad studies, I did a research project that meant interviewing several magazine editors, and one of my favorite parts of the process was hearing editors talk about why magazines are so special to them.

“There really is a feeling with print that you’re kind of enshrining the words in something real and physical,” one editor said. “There is a sense that we value this piece to the extent that we're willing to actually physically put it into the world.”

“There's a stability to them, and there's a long-lasting quality,” another said. “I think magazines are true comforts.”

This month at Vox, we’re leaning hard into themes of comfort and home. We’re putting them on the pages of this magazine and out into the universe — because so many people have spent this past year staying home and in search of comfort, including me.

One of our features profiles Chris Foley, who finds comfort in the routine of bread-baking. For him, it’s almost a meditation. For others, his sourdough bread is a comfort, a fresh-baked delight at the Farmers Market on Saturdays.

Our other feature focuses on home. MU photojournalist Jacob Moscovitch asked Columbia residents young and old (or young-at-heart) what home means to them, and they wrote it on their portraits in their own handwriting.

It’s a fun exercise for anyone to think about for themselves. For me, someone who grew up in Columbia, home is the one spot on the sofa where I like to sit and read and eat and do homework and waste time. It’s playing a board game at the kitchen table. Home is the HyVee on West Broadway. It’s Fairview Elementary School. It’s local pizza. It’s the Magic Tree.

It’s the Vox covers that decorate our office walls. It’s the local restaurants and people we feature in Vox every month.

This winter season, I wish you all the feelings of home, of comfort and warmth and stability, and I hope this magazine — whether you’re flipping through the pages in print or reading online — brings you some.

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