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Hello and Happy New Year (finally).

The January/February issue is my last as an editor at Vox, and it’s also the first edition of a new year — a perfect time for reflection.

There are so many parts of my 2020 that were challenging, that I hope to leave behind forever. I hope to never again have a cotton swab shoved deep into my nose, for example.

But 2020 was also a year of resilience, of learning to be OK with change, of starting difficult and worthwhile conversations, of reconnecting with old friends and finding new ways to connect. This summer, as we documented in Vox, was one of protest and demand for equality, and of putting actions behind words.

For me, 2020 was a year of being a student and an editor remotely, of starting a new job, of driving through Andy’s Frozen Custard every week, of finishing a master’s degree, of feeling thankful to be healthy, and thinking critically about matters of health and race.

It seems fitting that our first issue of this semester captured moments and images of the Black Lives Matter movement in Columbia, recapping a summer of protest, and one of our final features about a newspaper called The Professional World, also focuses on Black change-makers in Columbia, some who have been erased by the passage of time.

But it is my hope that these stories do not serve as bookends, that Vox continues to amplify BIPOC voices, to explore social justice issues and to do a good job representing our entire community through the lens of food, music, and people.

I’m looking forward to flipping through the future pages of Vox as a reader, and I hope you are, too.

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