Mimosas, lemonade, sweet tea — take your pick. Columbia has just about everything when it comes to summer coolers.

Wipe that sweat from your brow, and grab a cold drink. Columbia boasts a plethora of beverage options to cool you down. Whether you are refueling after a sweaty workout or catching up with old friends on a patio, there’s a satisfying sip for every activity.

For a quiet place to study

Reading that last summer novel or catching up on work is sweeter when done outside. Try a Columbia original with a 16-ounce iced house brew from Fretboard Coffee. It’s sure to cool you down and keep you awake.

Fretboard Coffee

Price: $4.40

For a carefree Saturday

The last warm weekends of the season are for ditching responsibility and basking in the sun with a cold mimosa in hand. Make your way to the biergarten patio at Günter Hans for $12.99 bottomless mimosas from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. every Saturday.

Günter Hans

Price: $12.99 bottomless; $6 individual

For a stop while you shop

Take a break from your Ninth Street shopping spree for a refreshing green boba tea at Bubblecup Tea Zone. Request boba, a chewy tapioca, to be added to the bottom of a variety of the shop’s unique teas.

Bubblecup Tea Zone

Price: $3.25

For a green cleanse

Feeling like you need a juice cleanse after a weekend well spent in the sun on Logboat Brewing Co.’s patio? Main Squeeze is just the place for all your detox needs. Try The Cure, a 12-ounce, 100-percent juice mixture of carrot, orange, lemon and ginger.

Main Squeeze

Price: $5.75

For a post-workout meal

After hitting the gym, treat yourself to a healthy, frozen snack at Nourish Café and Market. A strawberry-orange chia smoothie is the perfect way to ensure your sweet tooth is satisfied without breaking that health kick you’ve been on all summer.

Nourish Café and Market

Price: $8

For a treat your dog can also eat

When the sun shines, the pup will want to play. Grab a milkshake from Sparky’s Homemade Ice Cream before you take your own little Sparky to the dog park. Combine strawberry and raspberry ice cream in a 16-ounce shake for a refreshing sip in the balmy heat. Pamper your pooch with a treat; Sparky’s has sweet cream just for dogs.

Sparky’s Homemade Ice Cream

Price: $3.50

For a day at the pool

“No coast” might be the newest slogan for Missourians, but Columbia offers several refreshing pools and lakes. Before heading waterside, grab an icy drink from Tropical Liqueurs. A double with a mix of Sweet Tart and Silver Bullet will keep you cool and give you the perfect poolside buzz.

Tropical Liqueurs

Price: $4.25

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