Holiday cocktail

A holiday cocktail for everyone around the table.

The holidays bring a flood of holiday-themed recipes to our social media feeds, and after a while, it’s tempting to want to make them. But making a specialty drink that pleases everyone at your party isn’t always easy. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of specialty drinks for all different kinds of drinkers that might be at your holiday party this winter. Enjoy!

For the Lactose intolerant drinker … Santa Clausompolitan

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If you can’t guess by then name, this drink is pretty similar to a classic Cosmo, and it’s the perfect option for your dairy-free friends. This recipe serves four and will look extra festive in the hands of all your guests.

For the zero-sugar drinker … Gingerbread Martinis

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No sugar, no problem! Switch out the sugar in this recipe for Swerve Sweetener, a sugar-free substitute. Serving a pair, this recipe makes for a drink equally joyful and fancy for the holidays.

For the gluten-free drinker … Raspberry Resolution Cocktail

Even some cocktails have gluten in them, so stay on the safe side and serve your gluten-free friends this pink drink. Whether it’s for a holiday brunch or a dinner party, this bubbly drink is a great, gluten-free way to toast to your New Year’s resolution.

For the alcohol-free drinker … Kombucha Mimosa Mocktail

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All you need for this trendy spin on a mimosa is two ingredients—kombucha (obviously) and orange juice. And if you’re feeling extra inspired, go ahead and throw in the optional pomegranate seeds. Voila! In less than five minutes, you have the perfect alcohol-free drink to make your party a hit.

For the vegan drinker … Candy Cane Martini

Almond milk, peppermint schnapps and chocolate syrup are all you need to wow your vegan guests with this drink. And it’s not a killer holiday party without candy canes, so pick up a few of those as well to top it off.

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