Logboat patrons

Charlie Holsten, left, and Evan Mejuys have drinks at Logboat. Patrons can try one of 12 beers on tap.

Cars throughout mid-Missouri are adorned with a familiar bumper sticker: a vinyl cutout of three individuals paddling a canoe. To an outsider, it seems to represent some outdoor activity, a camping store maybe. Locals, however, recognize the logo as that of Logboat’s.

The brewery offers customers a chance to celebrate community and take in some of Columbia’s greatest gems: local food, music and beer. Not only does the brewery offer a dozen choices of beer, but it also offers an expansive yard where picnics, parties and live music performances take place weekly. String lights run across the yard and illuminate the live music and outdoor games. Almost every day of the week, you can find a food truck, like Manzo’s Wood-Fired Pizza, Ozark Mountain Biscuit Co. and Grill-A-Brothers, pulled up next to the entrance.

But Logboat offers much more than just the basic crowded, noisy bar. Enjoying Logboat beer also means giving back to the community. The brewery often holds 15 percent nights, says Tyler Frazee, president of Logboat. On these nights, 15 percent of every sale goes to a local charity.

The brewery doesn’t just do good; it also brews nationally acclaimed beer. Mamoot, which is brewed year-round, stands out as a competition favorite. It’s already won three Great American Beer Festival awards and Best of Craft Beer in 2016 from the Best of Craft Beer Awards.

Logboat was started by Missouri natives Tyson Hunt, Judson Ball and Andrew Sharp. Hunt began as a homebrewer, making beer with a brew kit and a 5-gallon Gatorade jug in his garage with bandmates Sharp and Ball. They eventually decided the beer was better than the music they were making, Frazee says.

In 2011, Hunt, Sharp and Ball took a week-long trip to Montana to explore local breweries for research and inspiration. After visiting Bitter Root Brewing in Hamilton, Montana, the trio connected with the owner and head brewmasters and came back to Columbia with a new plan: open a local brewery.

In 2012, they brought on Josh Rein as master brewer, and it’s Rein’s expertise that creates Logboat’s award-winning concoctions.

Within their first year of operation, Rein created Logboat’s four flagship beers: Lookout, an American pale ale; Mamoot, its award-winning ale with notes of coffee and chocolate; Shiphead, an American wheat beer made with fresh ginger; and Snapper, an American IPA.

Sam Branham, sales rep for Logboat, recommends those new to Logboat try a flight of those four beers and its Bobber lager because they are offered all year long and provide a wide range from hoppy to white to wheat to brown.

Whether day or night, Logboat is a great place to get together with friends and family. Grab a beer, have a seat on the grass, and enjoy the Missouri fall.

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