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Pizza Tree is now serving breakfast with Goldie's Bagels.

Besides selling unique lunch and dinner creations, Pizza Tree is now offering breakfast pizza along with bagels and coffee from Goldie's Bagels.

Goldie's Bagels is run by Amanda Rainey — who is married to the owner of Pizza Tree, John Gilbreth — and Sarah Medcalf. Rainey and Medcalf opened their business in August as a pop-up shop that operated out of Pizza Tree on Mondays. With the success of selling out each week, Rainey and Gilbreth decided to combine forces Tuesdays through Sundays.

Gilbreth had been wanting to do breakfast for a while, and with COVID-19, Pizza Tree is not doing late nights anymore.

“It made sense to add something new, and John makes this really amazing breakfast pizza,” Rainey says. “So, we thought we could combine the bagels and the breakfast pizza and get some coffee going and that it would be a hit.”

Pizza Tree breakfast sign

Pizza Tree is now serving breakfast pizza by the slice, bagels and coffee for breakfast.

Gilbreth says the slow rollout is an opportunity to train people and learn how to integrate this new process into their existing operation.

“There have been some challenges but overall, I’d say it's been a success,” he says. “We haven't even really begun to market it or tell anybody beyond our followers on Instagram.”

He says that this strategy will help Goldie’s Bagels become more known so that once they get their own space, people will be ready to go there.

“We took the first two weeks to iron out our kinks and figure out our workflow and hire a couple of people,” Rainey says. “We’re ready to start getting going on the marketing side of things.”

Rainey did not want to start out aggressive in case they got overwhelmed and were not ready to deliver. Because they are taking it slow, the options are limited, and they do not have an expansive menu yet.

“We’re just trying to play our strengths right like a small menu of features that we’re selling every day,” Gilbreth says. “They’re all good, and it’s easy for us to get ready for it right now on top of bagel production and coffee production.”

Gilbreth hopes to cater breakfast for offices someday and looks forward to rolling out a menu of eight breakfast pieces to choose from — but the husband-wife duo both agree that the bacon tater tot pizza is their favorite.

“I love the bagels, but we did this breakfast pizza with tater tots and bacon and scallions, and it’s so good,” Rainey says.

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Visit Pizza Tree now to get your breakfast fix.

Location and hours: 909 Cherry Street. Open every day from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Breakfast is served from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m.

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