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Truly's hard seltzer is a hit among Columbia drinkers. 

It’s a young woman's worst nightmare. A scenario not even the fraternity-brother-next-door would dare imagine. We're declaring a full-fledged state of emergency: America is running out of White Claw hard seltzers.

After a seltzer-filled summer and a 283 percent sales growth from last year, White Claw has taken over the world, and more brands are jumping on the bandwagon. Truly, Smirnoff, Natural Light and Four Loko have all released their own version of the low-calorie fizzy drink in recent months.

But every summer fling must come to an end. At the beginning of September, White Claw confirmed intermittent shortages* and assured that the brand is working to resolve the problem that has so many people worried.

Social media erupted with jokes about the drink as the seltzers gained popularity among drinkers of all ages—and thus, the meme was born. 

The joke had gone so far that people truly believed the phrase “There’s no laws when you’re drinking White Claws,” which was born from a social media influencer’s comedy video.

Which, unfortunately, brings us to this:

The people of Columbia have in no way missed the boat on this trend. Since hard seltzers began to dominate tailgates, parties and countless coolers around town, Fieldhouse and Willie's Pub & Pool and Harpo’s have installed Truly hard seltzer taps. A mere stock of cans is no match for the seltzer demand at these bars.

Part of the appeal of hard seltzer is the fruity flavors without the guilt. The seltzers offered locally on tap are unflavored. This allows customers to choose their own add-in flavor such as cranberry or grenadine, creating a DIY hard seltzer for just $4. White Claw shortage, who?

Shiloh Bar & Grill is also jumping on the hard seltzer trend, saying in an Instagram post, "If there ain't no laws when you're drinkin' claws you might as well get a whole bucket."  For $15, you can get a bucket of White Claws for you and your friends to share. And if you are still in search of a place that serves the good ol' single cans, head over to Silverball to get White Claw singles. 

Despite reports of a national shortage and the memes that accompanied them, the hard seltzer scene in CoMo looks pretty content right now. 

*UPDATE: CNN reported that White Claw shortages may last through next year. Stock up, Columbia.

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