When I moved to Columbia almost a year ago, I was unaware of the eclectic art scene the city houses and supports. I grew up taking near-annual trips to New York City to see the Broadway shows that won the most Tony Awards that year. My parents sent me to art camps and made sure I took time to ponder and appreciate pieces of art anytime we were in a museum. And I definitely saw classic films such as Gone with the Wind and The Shining when I was too young to understand them.

So I was genuinely pleased to find a community like Columbia that not only has artistic cultures, but promotes them as well. As I got to know some of the city’s staple artsy scenes — Ragtag Cinema, Rose Music Hall and North Village Arts District to name a few — I knew I could thrive here.

Vox has been diving into this pretty diverse arts scene for the last seven weeks — with a team of nine writers and one editor. You’ll discover how chefs make dinner plates look like works of art (Page 4). And if you’re like me and find yourself calling your doodles art, we have a guide on places that foster your inner Van Gogh (Page 8). You’ll find the histories and stories behind three of Columbia’s oldest theaters (Page 10). Meet prominent Columbia artists, and learn ways to immerse yourself in art communities with our Faces to Know and Check It Out segments scattered throughout the issue.

Needless to say, Columbia’s vast artistic community warrants an entire issue to itself. Enjoy these pages filled with the creativity of our fair city. Vox is taking a break for a few weeks, but we’ll be back with weekly issues on Aug. 24. See you then!

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