The indie band is making its way to Columbia.

Houndmouth is no stranger to Columbia, as it has performed here three times before. Now, the trio makes a triumphant return prior to the release of a new album later this year, says Rick Gershon, the band’s publicist.

The smooth indie band is made up of three members: Matt Myers, Shane Cody and Zak Appleby. Originating in New Albany, Indiana, the group creates soulful, calming tunes full of thought-provoking and meaningful lyrics.

The band’s sophomore album, Little Neon Limelight, was released in 2015 and features 11 songs, including “Sedona,” one of its top hits. The tune opens with a slow build-up and is paired with quiet drumming; the focus is clearly placed on Myers’ vocals.

John Farrell, a junior at MU and a Houndmouth fan, saw the group live at a music festival and notes the contrast between Myers’ and Appleby’s voices.

“They have two completely different tones of music, depending on who’s singing,” Farrell says. “They also get really into their music, which is cool.”

Taylor Bacon, co-owner of Hitt Records, says he appreciates the intention placed in the album. “The first thing I noticed was how concise their harmony singing was,” Bacon says. “It has a down-home, sort of twangy bend to it, but it’s very much rooted in pop.”

Myers referenced one of the band’s top songs, “For No One,” from the Little Neon Limelight album, in an interview with The Indianapolis Star. “I usually don’t sit down and just write something,” Myers told the newspaper. “It’s usually an accumulation of stuff that compiles over time. But that one seemed to work out on its own. The words came real quick.”

Keyboardist Katie Toupin parted ways with the band in 2016 after five years together. According to a statement from the group, the split was “amicable.” The remaining members and Toupin both said they were supportive of one another during the split.

“When we all first met as teenagers, we never dreamed that music would bring the four of us together and take us as far as it has,” the band said jointly in its statement. “It’s been a long journey, and the time has come for our paths to split.”

Now, Houndmouth is joined by two saxophone players and a rotation of guest keyboard players, Myers told The Indianapolis Star.

Before the show tonight, Logboat Brewing Company will host a meet-and-greet with Houndmouth in the Logboat Lounge, aka the upstairs bar. They will be joined at the show by Frederick the Younger, an eccentric group that specializes in psychedelic pop.

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