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Student debt is the second highest consumer debt category in the U.S, surpassing credit card debt and auto loans.

Student loan debt, second only to mortgages, makes up the highest consumer debt category in the U.S. It has surpassed credit card debt and auto loans. Take a look at the cost of college.

Tuition: The average 2019 U.S. in-state tuition is $10,230. Compare this to out-of-state tuition and fees, which average $37,430, according to CollegeBoard. “For many people, college is the largest purchase that they’ve made at this stage in their life,” says Rachel Smith, assistant director of student success at Columbia College.

Total debt: Room and board, course fees, textbooks and study abroad all contribute to the approximately $1.6 trillion total student loan debt. So does competition between colleges to build new facilities, upgrade technology and add academic majors.

Ages affected: A standard plan for federal student loan repayment allows borrowers 10 years to pay off their loans. But even people 62 and older have student loan debt, whether they’re borrowing for their own education or children and grandchildren. The total outstanding loan by age group is:

24 and younger: $120.1 billion

25-34: $494.2 billion

35-49: $548.4 billion

50-61: $224.1 billion

62 and older: $67.8 billion

Races affected: Difficulties with loan repayment vary across race and ethnicity. According to the Federal Reserve, black and Hispanic borrowers are more likely than white borrowers to be behind on loan repayment. These statistics also partly reflect variances in rates of degree completion and subsequently, wages:

White: 9% behind, 22% paid off

Black: 26% behind, 7% paid off

Hispanic: 24% behind, 7% paid off

Show-Me the money: Missouri ranks 28th nationwide in average student loan debt per borrower. Here’s how LendEDU ranks in-state institutions based on average debt:

1. Lincoln University: $30,827

2. Westminster College: $29, 691

3. Maryville University: $28,361

4. Southeast Missouri State University: $27,318

5. University of Missouri-Columbia: $27,146

6. Missouri State University: $25,196

7. University of Missouri-St. Louis: $25,110

8. Truman State University: $24,938

9. Washington University: $22,555

10. Columbia College: $22,159

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