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Lauren Crosby turned her knack for tidying up messes into a business.

Lauren Crosby was always the person friends and family members called to help them with projects around the house. She says she’s type-A and likes things to be neat and orderly. As the mother of three children, Crosby was searching for a career that would offer her flexibility. That’s why she started Orderly and Organized more than three years ago.

Since then she has helped more than 100 mid-Missouri clients organize and declutter, whether that meant tossing food with a “best by” date from 2002 or cleaning out medication from 40 years ago. One of those clients, Kathy Stafford, felt overwhelmed by a messy pantry, so she called Crosby. “She came in and helped me clean it out and reorganize so I could prepare and be ready to cook and entertain for two upcoming holidays,” she says. Here’s what Crosby says about tidying up and starting a business.

How is Orderly and Organized different from other organizing companies?

What makes it stand apart for us is relationship. I am someone that isn’t going to rush it. I want to obviously help clients and get their space organized, but I also have relationships with almost every single client I’ve organized for, and I think that that’s important. I would love for the first thing someone said about Orderly and Organized is that the company cares about the community and that the company truly helps people and makes their life more peaceful.

What’s most rewarding about your job?

Helping others when they’re stressed or in a situation. Usually when they’re calling me, they’re at their wit’s end. (The best part is) being able to come in and just love on them, be able to make them feel comfortable, make them know it’s not overwhelming. I’m essentially a personal trainer. I will keep you accountable. I’ll watch over you, and I’ll walk alongside to help you get to that goal. It’s not overwhelming for me. To be able to get to know them is probably the best part of it.

What area of the home usually gets overlooked?

The pantry is something that you use every single day. It’s something you probably go into more than your closet throughout the day. I just had to reorganize my pantry because I had a huge grocery day, so I wanted the stuff that we hadn’t eaten yet to go more toward the front so we could use it before it expires. It’s an ongoing organizational task. But I think that’s something that’s in every single home; it’s sometimes neglected where you just shove everything in it.

What is your best tip for getting a jump start on spring cleaning?

Start small. Where a lot of clients get tripped up is they want to organize the entire house in a weekend, and you’re going to be lucky if you get a room done. Start with one closet, start with going into the kid’s dresser, and once you finish that project, move onto the next.

What is your advice for young women looking to start a business?

Spend the time researching. Talk to anyone and everyone they know and get advice and be open to new ideas. My husband was the one that kind of pushed me to start it and to just stop talking about it and actually put the plan into work. Ultimately, you just got to jump off the deep end and go for it.

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