Yoga routines make a dull workout entertaining, so why not go further and add a few furry friends to the mix? Since goat yoga first went viral in 2016, the wellness trend has inspired a host of animal-filled classes for you to try here in Columbia. Yoga Gives-CoMo brought its puppy yoga classes in 2018, and the local animal yoga scene has expanded to cats and goats since.


The goat yoga phenomenon landed in Columbia on a peaceful farm about 15 miles from downtown, thanks to Goat Yoga of Missouri. The owners say their goats’ gentle nature makes them prime workout companions. Although fall sessions are sporadic due to football games and the Roots N Blues N BBQ Festival, look forward to new and relaxing classes such as Sunset and Happy Hour Yoga.

When and where to go: Goat Yoga of Missouri, 11805 E. Judy School Road, dates vary, 1 hour, $35,

The Cat’s Meow

On the first Thursday of every month, Papa’s Cat Café turns its space into a yoga studio with 20 adoptable cats. Sessions include a complimentary drink from the cafe and 30 minutes to pet the fluffy felines after class. Participants must be at least 13 years old to attend.

When and where to go: Papa’s Cat Café, 14 S. Second St., first Thursdays, 90 minutes, $20,

Downward Dog

Unchained Melodies Dog Rescue developed an enjoyable way to help the puppies delivered to its door — take them to yoga! The shelter partners with local charity Yoga Gives–CoMo to find homes for new litters. If this wasn’t motivation enough, the class also takes place at a brewery, so you can cuddle, feel energized and buy a beer. Check the Yoga Gives Facebook page for upcoming dates to enjoy a puppy and a pint.

When and where to go: Yoga Gives–CoMo at Bur Oak Brewing Company, 8250 Trade Center Drive, dates vary, 1 hour, $20,

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