2018 Coachella Music And Arts Festival - Weekend 1 - Day 3

Festival goers attend the Coachella Music & Arts Festival at the Empire Polo Club on Sunday, April 15, 2018, in Indio, California.

Dropping major cash on weekend passes and jetting off mid-semester to Indio, California, might be a little bit (or a lot) unrealistic for a typical college kid, but that doesn’t mean Coachella is completely out of the question. And while experiencing the fest from out of state might not be as instagrammable as the real thing, it has it’s perks. In fact, I can’t think of better way to spend my Saturday than cozying up in a pair of sweats and watching Cardi B work the main stage via livestream. Avoid the crowds, the chaos and those awful flower crowns in favor of "couchella" 2018. 

Catch up on weekend one 

Although the second weekend of the fest won’t be available for livestream (*sniff, sniff*), you can still catch up on the April 13–15 performances via YouTube. Coachella’s channel includes sets from Post Malone, St. Vincent and so many more artists. It also has interview highlights to keep you up on all the post-show commentary. And once you’ve exhausted the weekend one lineup, take a trip down memory lane with the fest’s best performances of years past. 

Download these Coachella-crafted playlists

Even though the lack of weekend two livestreams is unfortunate, you can still fill the void by hitting up Coachella’s collection of playlists. Available on Spotify and Apple Music, fans can download the fest’s lineup mix for their favorite 2018 acts. And while you might not be able to actually lie down on the desert lawn or pass time by a pool, you can pretend with these conveniently curated playlists to get you in the spirit. 

See what it takes to be a headliner

The Weeknd took the stage Saturday, April 14 for an emotional performance that included breakup ballads from his latest release, My Dear Melancholy. But for fans invested in his road to Coachella, there’s a new behind-the-scenes look at it all, titled Another You. The four-part Apple Music exclusive follows the Weeknd's surprise EP release and festival rehearsals. 

Follow along on Instagram 

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If you’re feed isn’t completely cluttered by festival content, is it even Coachella? Forget FOMO, and just live vicariously through your favorite celebs and style stars. Whether you’re looking for outfit inspiration or hoping to catch an IG story of Beyoncé’s second round performance, social media is the closest you’ll get to being there without actually being there. 

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