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It’s Father’s Day, which means for one day, we look past the cargo shorts and celebrate the men in our lives. We love their T-shirts with corny phrases, their leather sandals and even the dad jokes. But if your dad is a musician, that picture looks a little different. For some kids, their dads drop them off before a gig instead of at soccer practice.

Take Jessica Rae Springsteen, for example. Imagine growing up and every time you go in public with your dad, strangers yelling, “Bruuuuuce,” in an insanely low voice that most closely resembles “boo-ing” at a sports game. Or think about being Miley Cyrus, who landed a major TV show starring both her and her dad, a country music star with an insane mullet. The underlying relationship may be the same as yours or mine, but it manifests in an entirely different way. So check out a few of the coolest dads in the music scene right now, and think about what their parent-teacher conferences must look like.

Chance the Rapper


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It’s really hard not to like Chance the Rapper, especially after watching him dance with his young daughter, Kensli. For quite some time, the Chicago rapper shielded his daughter from the spotlight, even proclaiming in Kanye’s “Ultralight Beam,” “Tryna snap photos of familia, my daughter look just like Sia, you can't see her.” It seems Chance has realized how difficult it is to hide that cuteness and has fully embraced showing her off on social media, which we’re absolutely here for.  

Dave Grohl

Throughout his extensive career, Dave Grohl has always maintained a reputation for having a friendly demeanor. His smile is contagious, and his love for music is evident in everything he does. And he does a lot. Grohl is the former drummer of Nirvana, the lead singer of the Foo Fighters, a record producer and even a film director. But it seems his greatest role is being a father. While I’m sure he’s passed on his unshakably positive outlook, he’s undeniably bequeathed his musical talent. His 12-year-old daughter, Violet, marched onstage at a benefit show this year and belted an Adele tune in front of a massive crowd. I dare you to not get emotional watching Grohl encourage her as she performs.

Buddy Guy

The man is 80 years old and is still touring across the nation. If that doesn’t make him the coolest father to his six children, I’m not sure what will. Similar to Grohl, Guy passed on much of his musical talent to his children. One of his daughters was quite the successful rapper; known by her stage name Shawnna, she was the first female artist signed to Def Jam records. One of Guy’s sons is a blues guitarist, too. At an outdoor show in Kansas City, Guy brought his son on stage because seriously, what better way to bond with your dad than playing a gig together?

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