Spirituality is growing in popularity these days. Stores like American Eagle, Urban Outfitters and PacSun now sell crystal pendants and astrology handbooks, and you’ve probably seen a chakra chart at a yoga studio sometime in the last few months.

So are you interested in giving yourself a tarot reading or meeting a psychic? Columbia has a bunch of places for you to get started on your awakening. Whether you’re looking for an intense life change, or just want to accessorize with some prayer beads, check out these five unique shops:

1. Heart, Body, & Soul Center

Address: 1004 W. Worley St, Columbia MO

Columbia’s newest New Age store opened in October 2015, and bills itself as a place for people to find their own paths. The store offers a wide selection of spiritual texts, oils, incense, candles and crystals, to name just a few. The store also functions as a community center with comfy couches and free coffee and tea. Customers can go in for psychic readings, tai chi classes, Tao discussion groups and lessons on listening to your inner intuition, among other things on the monthly calendar.

2. The Peace Nook

Address: 804 E. Broadway St., Columbia MO

This nonprofit store sells a variety of merchandise in line with New Age beliefs, such as bumper stickers and books that explain Buddhist teachings, astrology and the New Thought law of attraction. It also has a selection of tarot cards to boot, as well as stone jewelry with different properties, such as for protection, healing, relaxing and energizing.

3. Good Nature

Address: 910 Alley A, Columbia MO

Located downtown, Good Nature sells things like CDs with different vibrations to calibrate your brain during meditation, as well as incense you can burn to promote different moods. Once a month, they also have psychic fairs at which tarot readers and palm readers, reiki (energy) specialists and more come to offer their insight. Stop by if you feel your home is lacking a hanging mantra.

4. Karma Care LLC

Address: 2503 W. Ash St. A, Columbia MO

If you need Himalayan salt lamps, massage wands, singing bowls or pendulums, Karma Care is the place to go. Store owner Linda Bonebrake is a licensed counselor and energy worker who also offers classes, discussion groups and readings.

5. Indigo Child Gift Shop

Address: 2424 Paris Rd., Columbia MO

Nicole Danielle LaPorte makes her own jewelry in a spot located inside Auto Embassy, using beautiful gemstones and semi-precious stones to create items like fashion rings. If you believe in the power of healing crystals, this place is where you can get your favorite adornments.

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