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So, you wanna bring Fido everywhere you go? Well, in just three easy steps you can fraudulently certify your pup online. 

Websites like United States Dog Registry, Service Dog Certifications and CertaPet all claim to certify your animal so that you can stop sneaking past your landlord or have the ability to bring your animal on an airplane. Rates for these scams start at about $50 and can go up to $250.

But oddly enough, under the information tab of the website Service Dog Certifications, a statement reads, "Service Dog Certifications does not certify or authorize anyone to use a Service Animal — nor is certification required by law."

So there you have it. There is absolutely no reason to have an identification or registration card for both service and/or emotional support animals. Yet, CertaPet, another pet registration website, states it has had more than 40,000 customers.

CertaPet provides anyone who is willing to pay with an Emotional Support Animal letter that validates the need for an ESA. You just fill out a quick questionnaire and within days you are sent a letter from a therapist you've never met. If all 40,000 people bought CertaPet's lowest package, this website has made at least $6 million.

Find out why all these sites are a load of dog poop:


At MU, service dogs are allowed anywhere on campus. These include residence halls, classrooms, and any other university facility. You do not need prior approval but MU does encourage handlers to contact the Disability Center. This allows the process to run more smoothly for both the handler and the university.

As for emotional support animals on campus, the animals are allowed in Residential Life Facilities, but are not allowed in classrooms, meetings or other university facilities.

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