David Wilson and Paul Sturtz (2017)

True/False Film Fest co-founder Paul Sturtz (right) is leaving the film fest to pursue new passions.

The Ragtag Film Society and the True/False Film Fest co-founder left last August to pursue new passions. Paul Sturtz says he passed off the fest to folks who are making their own marks in the world. “I just felt like I needed to close the door on that in order to open the door for others to really come to the floor,” he says. Even though he isn’t working with the film society anymore, he says, he is still inspired to do creative and important work, including working on Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign and consulting for Seattle-based environmental magazine, Grist.

Time for a new challenge

After more than 20 years with the society, Sturtz has no desire to rest. He says his new job allows him to use his expertise in a different realm that couldn’t be more important today. Sturtz is helping Grist, a nonprofit online publication, develop and build projects from the ground up, just like he did with the film fest.

“I think we’re at a place where it’s all hands on deck in terms of the planet, and it has an immediacy to be working on a project that is intersecting a lot of really innovative, forward-thinking people,” he says.

Leaving a legacy

Sturtz is happy to see the festival and Ragtag Film Society thrive beyond his involvement. “I am really proud of those ways that that organization has been such a valuable cultural resource for Columbia,” Sturtz says.

He says he is proud to have created a platform to support creative nonfiction work. “To be supportive of other folks’ creativity and to make them feel encouraged and excited about being part of a larger community all around the world, that was just such an honor to be part of that,” Sturtz says.

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