The days are getting longer, the snow is (hopefully) melting and even Punxsutawney’s shadow was nowhere in sight. Spring is on it’s way - and thank goodness for that.

While fall and winter fashion is unmatched, it’s too cold to leave your house. So what’s the point?

Spring is that happy medium between the Arctic Tundra winter and the Sahara Desert summer. People are excited to be out in the world and the colorful clothing reflects that.

Glik’s and Cha are just two of the popular boutiques in downtown Columbia that are clearing out the parkas and sweaters to make room for the latest in spring fashion.

Here's what to expect in Fashion this spring

Fashion is an endless circle. But who should we look to to inform us of what trends are back in style? In the age of social media the answer is influencers.

Sydni Layne is not an average student at the University of Missouri. She has a large social media presence with almost 30 thousand followers.

Like the rest of us, she still looks to major celebrities for fashion inspiration, but her biggest fashion advice? Make the trends your own.

“Stay true to yourself,” Layne said. “Add your own personal style to the trends to make it unique.”

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