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We all know exercise is good for us, but that doesn't make working out any less of a chore. It can get especially dull when you're taking the same classes or using the same machines every week. If you're floundering to find a way to jazz up your routine, it might be time for a more unconventional workout. Columbia has a wealth of options for newbie and expert athletes alike.  


Looking for more fitness classes? Here are all of the quiz options:

Krav maga is a self-defense form of martial arts that's based on Israeli street fighting and military training. Hockman's ATA Martial Arts teaches counter and target attacks that are the quickest and most efficient. For new students, four weeks of classes are just $25.

Pole dancing has a bit of a negative stigma in society, but the fitness classes are a fantastic workout. At Muse Pole Fitness, you learn basic moves on and around the pole then put them together for a dance to a song. The studio offers a single class for $17 or groups of classes for cheaper.

Kickboxing isn't necessarily unique, but it's certainly not as common as it should be. At 9Round, you can show up anytime, and a trainer will walk you through nine stations of various exercises. Your first 30-minute workout is free, and after that it's $69 per month.

Barre is a ballet-derived fitness class of low impact and high intensity movements. Pure Barre offers 50-minute classes for $24 per class.

Yoga has been around as long as time, and the best part is that you can't be bad at it. Yoga is about patience and continual learning. AlleyCat Yoga has various memberships; the new student 14-day pass is $36, or a drop-in community class is $7.

Aerial classes are great for working on upper body strength and feeling like part of a circus. Wilson's Fitness Center offers an introduction to aerial fabrics class, where you learn beginner moves like footlocker and basic climbs and poses. Wilson's memberships, which include the open gym and other classes, vary in price.

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