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Barber Andrew Johnson cuts hair and trims beards at Elite Barbershop. In the winter, it's important to keep your beard moisturized to prevent frayed hairs. 

Winter weather — hello, polar vortex — can wreak havoc on even the healthiest hair. But it's tough to pinpoint the problem when you’re dealing with hat hair, frizz and dryness all at the same time. To keep your mane looking as fresh as the fallen snow, follow these simple tips for better winter hair care.

Helpful hydration

Catherine Nelson, a stylist at Salon Nefisa, suggests doing a deep condition once a week to counter dryness. She suggests trying the Pureology Hydrate Superfood Treatment Mask. If you can, leave a conditioner treatment in overnight for softer hair in the morning. “Just put a shampoo cap on and sleep in it — like an old lady shower cap,” Nelson says. If you’re looking for a natural product to moisturize your roots with, Nelson suggests trying a beauty-grade coconut oil.

Fight the frizz

Frizzy hair can be hard to defeat when there’s so much static in the air, but fortunately there’s a fix. Redken’s Frizz Dismiss Instant Deflate serum is the product Nelson recommends using on the really bad days. If it’s your woolen hat causing the drama, try spraying some dry shampoo by your roots and fluffing up your hairline. “The cleaner the hair, the easier it’ll poof back after hat hair,” Nelson says. Dry shampoo helps by soaking up the oil in your hair, which mimics the effects of a shower.

Recycle the style

Curls and waves are your best friends when it’s chilly outside. If you curl your hair Monday morning, rock the just-woke-up waves Tuesday. The messier the style, the easier it'll be to manipulate your hair. “If you’re doing a really smooth look, then it doesn’t leave a lot of room for the fluff or the frizz,” Nelson says. If curls aren’t your calling, braids also work well in the winter. Plaiting hair is an easy way to keep unruly strands under control.

Bare the beard

If you’re more concerned with the hair on your face, Elite Barber Shop’s Andrew Johnson has you covered. “Here in Missouri at least it’s all about the big beards,” he says. Nelson recommends shampooing your beard only twice a week, though you should condition it as often as possible. You can also moisturize with oils and balms, such as Warlord Beard Oil, which keep beard hairs from fraying. Using a bristled brush instead of a plastic comb can also help prevent beard hair breakage.


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