Lines for food and drink

The lines for drinks stations and food build as time goes on.

At Roots N Blues, you're going to see a lot of people. There's so much to do that it's hard to say exactly to a person what they are most likely to enjoy. So if you can't guide yourself through the festival, let the stars do it for you. After thoroughly researching astrology through Twitter and attending the festival, I feel almost overqualified to write this article. Here is where you are most likely to see the signs hanging out this weekend from the perspective of a very observant Pisces.

Aries - Eating and drinking everything

Aries are probably the textbook definition of what it means to be a fire sign. They're unpredictable and constantly on the move, so an Aries would be the life of the Roots N Blues Party. You can find them trying all of the alcoholic beverages they can find, eating all of the food, and accidentally spending all of their money in the process. An Aries has no problem bouncing around the festival because they want to try everything once.

Taurus - Enjoying the quirk of the front porch

Front Porch

The Front Porch is where anyone and everyone can get on stage and perform music of their own.

Tauruses tend out to seek out the hidden gems of life, and what better definiton of a hidden gem is there at the festival than the front porch. This area is where anyone can get up on stage and play music of their own. You never know what you're going to get or who you're going to see, and that's just how Tauruses like it. 

Gemini - Releasing their inner child with games

Ferris wheel

The ferris wheel is a popular and attention-grabbing Roots N Blues attraction.

Known for being indecisive, there is so much going through a Gemini's mind. Roots N Blues is just another playground for them. You can most likely find a Gemini expressing their social and fun-loving nature by enjoying some of the interactive games and attractions at the festival, such as the ferris wheel.

Cancer: Enjoying the music

Cancers are looking for something that is as passionate and intimiate as they are, so it's not surprising that they would come to a music festival to spend time with their friend and family to, well, listento music. A Cancer has studied the lineup and knows exactly who is performing where and when. They are the happiest relaxing near the stage in a lawn chair or rocking out with their favorite artist as close to the stage as they can get.

Leo - Finding the most Instagram-worthy spots

Columbia sign

The Columbia sign that can be seen upon entrace at the festival is perfect for Instagram opportunities

Leos are bold, confident and constantly demanding your attention and this shows on their social media. It's no surprise that they would be the ones staking out proper spots to take Instagram photos and stories to make their thousands of followers even more envious of their life. 

Virgo - Appreciating the art 


Guitarhenge is an art exhibit that showcases Roots N Blues throughout the years.

Virgos tend to be analytical and logical, so there is no better way to exercise those traits then to get captivated by the art at the festival. A Virgo would enjoy the music for sure, but the most compelling parts for them would be the lights and decorations hanging from the trees, Guitarhenge, a piece of art that shows Roots N Blues throughout the years, and would even stop by Wildy's World to paint.

Libra - Getting distracted by the lights at night


Colorful lights surround the trees at Roots N Blues.

Libras are driven by balance and obsessed with beauty. They would be the most impressed by going to Roots N Blues at night and seeing how all of the lights illuminate the festival to create a beautiful scene. This would be especially aesthetically pleasing for a Libra and you won't be able to get them to stop talking about how nice everything looks.

Scorpio - Lounging in VIP


The VIP station is where exclusive festival goers can go to have an enhanced experience.

Often mistaked for a fire sign because of their outward confidence, Scorpios still like to stay low-key. Because of their unique demeanor there is only one place that makes sense for a Scorpio to go: The VIP section. The VIP section is like the cool kids table of Roots N Blues. Everyone in there just seems to burst with positive energy while having a relaxed, but still fun time at the festival, which is why this would be the perfect place for a Scorpio.

Sagittarius - Meeting new people

Extroverted and adventurous, Sagittariuses are the ones whe can most likely be found scoping out the festival grounds high and low and making new friendshps in the process. Roots N Blues is a great time for people to come together from near and far and a Sagittarius is going to take full advantage of that.

Capricorn - The Top Up Station

top up

The Top Up station is where festival-goers can reload money onto their wristbands.

As they thrive on strict schedules and discipline, Capricorns are here to act as the "mom friend" to the rest of their group. They've studied the maps, they checked the forecast and brought an umbrella and they know exactly where to go to reload your wristband, and chances are, they're they only one who understands how to do it. 

Aquarius - Saving the earth


One of the various recycling signs and bins at the festival.

Aquariuses tend to be uncompromising and independent, they are also known for being the humanitarian of the signs. Roots N Blues is big on recycling and being an environment-friendly festival and Aquariuses are totally into that. An Aquarius is making sure all of their trash goes in the trash and not on the ground and making sure that all recyclable plastics go in the appropriate container. 

Pisces - Vendor Hopping


A neon sign hangs inside the tent for Swank Boutique.

While off in their own little dreamland, Pisces tend to get lost in what else the festival has to offer, specifically the art and vendors. You can find a Pisces either creating a new outfit at Swank's station or admiring the handmade crafts such as those at Gypsy Cutting Board. 

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