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From Aries to Pisces, our writers consulted the stars to give you a film recommendation based on your zodiac sing.

The stars have spoken and we're just here to interpret their message. Our writer consulted an astrology book so we could match each zodiac sign with one of the films premiering at the festival. So listen to us, or the stars, and go get a ticket to one of these films.

Aries: 'Pier Kids'

Aries are impulsive and open to change and new experiences. This film follows the lives of LGBTQ+ youth who have created their own sense of community within each other while struggling to find solace in the world around them.

Taurus: 'Ridge'

According to The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need, cattle are ruled by Taurus. And, like the cows in this film, Taurus people are stubborn and resistant to change.

Gemini: '45365'

Geminis are stereotyped of having two sides, so it's only fitting to pair them with this film which details the many different lives of residents in small town Ohio.

Cancer: 'The Gloria Tapes'

Cancers are receptive, sympathetic and emotional — just like Lisa Steele, a Kansas City native who moved to Toronto to avoid the U.S. draft in the 1970s  and found work at a homeless shelter.

Leo: 'Boys State'

This film follows young men from across Texas as they meet at the state capital for a week of political competition. Like Leos, these young men are dogmatic and creative.

Virgo: 'Collective'

Virgos are tenacious, meticulous, rigorous and observational. This documentary follows journalists as they investigate a fatal fire in Bucharest, Romania.

Libra: 'Unskinned'

Libras are know for beauty and being polished and socially inclined. This documentary follows tannery workers as the beauty is stripped away to show their reality.

Scorpio: 'Lovemobil'

Like Scorpios, this film is mysterious, dark and intense.

Sagittarius: 'Crestone'

The subjects of this documentary are young and free-spirited, just like Sagittarius people. 

Capricorn: 'City So Real'

We paired Capricorn with this film for one simple reason: this documentary premieres in four parts, and Capricorns are the only sign that have the organization and determination to make it to all four episodes.

Aquarius: 'Bock'

Aquarius are known for being incredibly artsy and notorious for questioning authority. That is exactly like this film that explores the lives of artists from around the globe.

Pisces: 'The Metamorphosis of Birds'

Pisces is one of the most romantic and mystical signs, and that is exactly how this love story is presented.

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