She leads by example

In February 2008, Julie Williamson’s life changed. She walked into Woodcrest church where she took a Dave Ramsey class and started her journey to get out of debt. In 2018 she did just that by paying off her mortgage. Beyond knocking out that debt, Williamson found her calling. After taking the 9-week program, Williamson started leading a section of the class, often for single women, twice a year and now has a strong connection to her participants.

She says she believes this personal finance class is more about looking at behaviors than learning math. She teaches that it’s important to pay the smallest balances first so people can feel a sense of accomplishment with minor victories. Williamson’s most memorable success story involved a woman saddled with about $90,000 in student loan debt. “We met with her, and she was overwhelmed,” Williamson says. She encouraged the woman to take it one step at a time. Several years later, the participant sent another text: “I’m debt-free. I did it.”

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