Procrastinating: “I sometimes think it’s the worry or the fear of filling out the FAFSA that causes a family to delay. So, the biggest advice that we give to students and families is go ahead and sit down and start the FAFSA,” Stichnote says.

Not using the IRS Data Retrieval tool: Entering tax information manually leads to more mistakes.

Wrong Social Security number: Yes, this is a common mistake. Double check everything.

Forgetting your FSA ID: You’ll need a username for the form, so forgetting it or mixing it up with a parent’s ID, if he or she is also taking out loans, makes the process more difficult.

Leaving answers blank: If initially you don’t know an answer to a question, make a note of it, so you don’t forget to go back and answer it later.

Forgetting to submit the form: Don’t forget to click submit once you’re done with every page. If you don’t receive a confirmation email from Federal Student Aid within 48 hours, double check that the form was submitted.

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