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Expanding Credit Project

This is a look behind the scenes at the people who make Vox stories come alive

What is the expanding credit project?

Most stories we publish pass through the hands of many people. There are writers, of course, but also a robust editorial structure that includes editors, producers, designers, photographers and fact-checkers, to name a few. You'll find the whole lot of us on the Vox Staff page.

Traditionally, magazines give visible credit to two creators: writers through a byline and photographers or designers through photo or illustration credits. However, this leaves out many people who contribute decisions and insights to a story, and it conveys the impression that a story starts and ends with these journalists.

The expanding credit project is an experiment in partnership with the Reynolds Journalism Institute. We’re collaborating to think beyond bylines and photo credits to consider more inclusive ways to give credit for the efforts that go into creating and publishing content.

To that end, we are starting the expanding credit project by experimenting with Story Credit boxes on the feature stories for June 2022: A doctor without borders and Columbia's punk rock roots. As part of this project, the Reynolds Journalism Institute will publish updates, tips and lessons about what we’re learning through this process. These pieces will be published in the RJI series Innovation in Focus.

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