Queue for 'The War Show'

True/False attendees begin to queue up.

I woke up to a panicked e-mail from one of our darling Scene editors who needed a writer to review El Bulli: Cooking in Progress tonight at the Ragtag. I jumped at the opportunity; I've come to love seeing movies by myself (as depressing as it sounds, it's actually quite refreshing. Try it sometime!).

Under the large rainbow letter was a woman in a blue masquerade ball gown, a white netted mask and a headset. She was like Cinderella working PR at a club opening.

Cinderella told me I had to sit outside under this small white tent until 5 p.m. to receive my "Q" number. The problem with this was I wasn't planning on being outside, and I was dressed in jeans and a simple blazer... and it was 30 degrees outside. Bad judgment on my behalf.

So I take a seat in a lawn chair and start shivering in my heeled boots. In one corner of the tent, I marveled at a bearded young man reading An Introduction to Sound while pedaling a bike that powered the lights and space heater. Mismatched lawn chairs lined the small tent, and at this point it's just the pedaler and me.

Eventually more people enter the tent and form a line behind my chair (lucky me, I was first in line). A group of women discuss The Burger and the King, one mentioning that her daughter is a vegan and the film made her nauseated. Another woman, wearing a fluffy red top hat and a multicolored Mardi Gras shirt joins the group and they share a boisterous laugh. In another corner is a group of friends with all of their hands occupied with various beverages to keep them warm. After awhile so many people hop in line that they have to form a snail-like queue, twisting into the center of the tent.

After checking my Facebook and Twitter at least 358 times from my phone and losing all feeling in my fingers, Cinderella comes out to greet us with fluorescent-colored sheets of paper with our "Q" numbers; I got No. 2 and quickly ran to my car and blasted the heat.

As frigid as it was, I'd have to say that being in the "Q" tent is an event all on its own. Let's just hope next year I remember to bring a parka and a thermos of coffee.

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